The #1 Towing Service in Town


Every motorist should also have Emergency Roadside Assistance. Our company is always ready to offer this service!

Whenever you are stuck on the roadside with a drained or dead battery, oil light on, a flat tire, with a single phone call we will be on the way to offer you help within Tacoma and the King County area. We will dispatch a tow truck to your location and a service technician will help you get a jumpstart, refuel, or tow the car to a repair station.

Other roadside assistance services include winching services, locksmith services, gas delivery services, and towing services. Winching services are suitable when you need your vehicle freed from sand, snow, or water within a range of one hundred feet on a highway or road. Locksmith services are applicable when a person is locked out of his/her vehicle just because he has misplaced the key. 
Any time you run out of gas, call us. Our staff will deliver the fuel you need to get to the next fueling station within King County so you can get back on your feet as quickly as possible.

253 263 1060

Hours of Operation

M – F: 24hrs

SAT/SUN: 24hrs